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Monday, 24-Nov-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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jvoulé vs faire par de ma religion...le kooksism, é son Dieu suprême, bah c un dindon koi...rien d'étonnan a ca,si? (don't take offense for this ppl, i'm serious, right Tiwi?

Sunday, 19-Oct-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
**** $¤ù\""""/£ñïRs $*üVé|\""""|îr$ ****

hé mé ta cru kct la fêt du slip ou koi?
o yea...!
no comment julie...
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abusé...we wanted a website, now we have one and it hasn't changer sinon how long ago? more than a month...we suk Tiwi! é la il é tp tar, ca msoule de reflechir o foto ke jpouré ajouter...!

about what now... three long years together? and look at all the shit to remember! what have we done to be so |(r@ïzY anyway? think we turned out to be just like that? your influence mostly maybe... ptetre kon en doit aussi un peu à Magloone et aux gènes de maman derian (merci bien) maybe a little my great great great uncle Pat? who knows, the mystery lies unsolved but who the hell cares anyway? let's get back on track here! So... hmm... hmm... yeah, so i was just thinking that afterall were coming along pretty well and for sure we'll never forget this part of our lives lived side by side everyday andthat we've been struggling to make one of the best... well you know what? From what i've seen, we've SUCCEEDED!! je t'aime tres tres fort cocotte!!


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